The Stack Launches Partnership With Selfridges For A Month Of Feel-Good Programming

‘What does it mean to live your best life?’ – The Stack joins forces with Selfridges to explore the meaning of ‘Retail Therapy’

Advertising Feature:

By Hannah Connolly

15 February 2022

Advertising Feature:


he Stack World is excited to announce its latest partnership with Selfridges. The collaboration, which launched this month, kickstarts the iconic retailer's new creative theme for 2022, “SUPERFUTURES”.

Coined as “an exploration of tomorrow in the making and an invitation to co-create the future,” The Stack World has joined forces with Selfridges, as a part of their February theme of “SUPERSELF.”

“We are excited for customers to experience SUPERSELF, the first part of our creative theme”, said Emma Kid, Selfridges acting Creative Director, adding: “It is all about exploring ways to help our customers ‘live brighter’ – from feeling good to living more sustainably.”

Cross retail and digital curation of events and services that explore themes of wellbeing and self-discovery are available now. Visitors at the London, Birmingham or Manchester stores can expect a running club, curated DJ sets and in London get ready to experience ‘A Safe Trip’ in one of the multi-sensory pods for a quick lunch break reset.

Discover 'A Safe Trip', the multi-sensory pods designed to help you reset, available in the Oxford Street Selfridges.

“What does it mean to live your best life?” That’s the question Selfridges is asking, joining up with The Stack World to bring some “feel-goodness” directly to you – no matter where you are.

For digital visitors try the curated playlist of uplifting tunes, shoppable insights like “Master The Art Of Bathing”, and digital workshops – all at your fingertips.

“SUPERSELF” will also include a new lens on “Retail Therapy”. Where The Stack World community will be on hand for a range of workshops and sessions bringing what Selfridges has coined as the “feel-goodness” factor to shopping experiences. Putting the therapy literally into the retail space with Stack World practitioners, coaches and hypnotherapists.

These enlightening sessions running from the 28th of February to the 27th of March have been curated by six Stack World experts and are available to book now starting from just £30.

Anna Woods, the Creator behind, “Group Leadership Coaching”, will be offering 60-minuets of Self-Power Sessions. Woods, the host of a Club here at The Stack World is on a mission to help you become a courageous leader and is applying her expert knowledge in helping you to empower you. Book now and discover more from Anna here.

Global confidence coach, author, international speaker and positive psychology expert, Tiwalola Ongunlesi, is on hand for a 45-minute session to help you live your life in alignment with your higher purpose. Whilst handing you the keys to unlock your strengths through the power of your own passions. Book now and discover more from Tiwa, including her Stack World Club ‘Confident and Killing It’.

Other sessions include hypnotherapist expert Jessica Boston, Breathwork sessions with Nadhid de Belgeonne and a Sex Life Reboot with Dr Karen Gureny, book your spot now.

"Feel goodness" is a much broader concept for The Stack x Selfridges than just wellness, our exclusive events will encompass a multitude of different themes across a number of categories and for Stack World Members get ready to check out these free events especailly for you:

Selfridges SUPERSELF Beauty Experts Pannel

Selfridges SUPERSELF Confidence Workshop with Tiwalola Ogunlesi

Selfridges SUPERSELF Movement Workshop

The Short Stack

“What does it mean to live your best life?” That’s the question Selfridges is asking, joining up with The Stack World to bring some “feel-goodness” directly to you – no matter where you are.

By Hannah Connolly

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