“Made For Women First ” - How Lululemon Broke The Misogyny On Performance Shoes

The leading performance apparel giant continues a 20-year trajectory of innovation with footwear debut designed with women in mind

Advertising Feature:

By Hannah Connolly

30 March 2022

Advertising Feature:


his month, lululemon takes its first steps into the footwear category building upon an expansive existing offering of activewear, loungewear and equipment.

With over 20 years of design insights, lululemon has developed an innovative approach that focuses on the wearer first, guided by a unique lens coined as the ‘Science of Feel.’ Quite literally putting the soul back into the soles with a now, head-to-toe, approach to activewear.

“Footwear is the natural next step for us to expand and apply our long history of innovation in fit, feel and performance, and it represents an exciting moment for our brand,” said lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald.

The company will introduce their debut running shoe in the UK on April 5th. The idea of ‘feeling’ is at the very heart of this major next step and the subsequent three styles also all focus here. With the Chargefeel, Restfeel and Strongfeel styles.

“We intentionally started with women first because we saw an opportunity to solve for the fact that, more often than not, performance shoes are designed for men and then adapted for women,” said Sun Choe, lululemon’s Chief Product Officer.

“How do we create the unparalleled feeling of our pants in footwear?” was the question asked by Chloe, explaining “That was the spark. From there we had engineers, scientists and researchers figuring out that design challenge.”

“It feels like a long time coming that women get a shoe that’s built for us.”


Using data insights from millions of foot scans, working closely with biomechanics and foot morphology experts each shoe was put to the test by a group of women whose feedback quite literally shaped the final collection.

“It feels like a long time coming that women get a shoe that’s built for us,” said Colleen Quigley, Track & Field Athlete and lululemon Ambassador.

“I am so proud to have been a part of this footwear journey with lululemon and that soon more people will have the chance to experience Blissfeel. As a brand that has long been driving innovation, inclusivity and accessibility, it’s especially fitting, and personally very exciting for me that lululemon is entering footwear with a women’s running shoe.”

Each shoe has a different purpose, designed to invoke and deliver upon specific feelings and needs. As such, each style features a different upper material, foam compounds, construction methods and colours creating uniquely designed shoes fit for specific purposes. Enhancing performance and feeling rather than hindering.

Discover The Collection


From the subtly of the ‘Pale Linen’ to the electric red of the ‘Flare’ style, the Blissfeel offers a curated selection of 10 colourways. “A women-first running shoe” this style is intended to provide a fit that is specific to you, not only enhancing your running performance but the feel of it.


Consider the Chargefeel as your go-to allrounder, no matter the movement, this style will support it. Designed with a dual-density midsole intended to support multi-direction training as well as running.


The Restfeel is the ultimate choice for getting to and from a workout or wherever your day takes you. A stylish rendering of a slide, don’t be deceived by the elegant simplicity, this shoe is designed with dual-layer midsoles to offer maximum comfort and support.


A training shoe designed to make you feel anchored, confident and in tune with every set. A supportive midsole is here combined with a multi-direction outsole to allow for your most dynamic movement yet.

The Short Stack

“Made for Women First,” -The leading performance apparel giant continues on a 20-year trajectory of innovation and insights with not one, but four, new shoe styles.

By Hannah Connolly

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