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Shop: Heist is the brand that will - quite literally - have your back, with foundationwear designed to elevate your confidence

Advertising Feature:

By Hannah Connolly

25 February 2022

Advertising Feature:


ow many times has your underwear dictated your day? For many of us, the answer is far too often. From scratchy lace or bras that dig in, to tights that roll and sag – the bottom line is your underwear should be your first line of defence for taking on the day with confidence and certainly shouldn't be a major source of discomfort.

Enter Heist, the foundationwear brand on a mission to make your underwear work harder for you, rather than against you. Tackling tights to shapewear (and everything in between), Heist has developed a constant and evolving approach to innovation. The results? A wealth of ground-breaking techniques crafting a range of foundationwear that inspires its wearers to take on the day imbued with self-empowerment.

No small feat in an industry where more often than not comfort comes at the expense of style, or vice versa, and comes as a welcome sigh of relief. Helmed by CEO Natasja Giezen-Smith, and founded in 2015, Heist has revolutionised underwear in the way it looks and feels. Here The Stack picks our favourite pieces to incorporate into your foundationwear wardrobe today…

1.) The Contour Bra


With the theme of ‘support’ in mind, Heist’s latest addition to their foundationwear family is the ‘Contour Bra’. Forget past experiences of straps digging in or uncomfortable hook and eyes, the contour bra builds upon an existing portfolio of style meets supreme comfort.

The Contour Bra features a flattering plunge cut and discreet four-row hook-and-eye front closure and is finished with a racer-style back. Carrying on the themes of Heist's preexisting pieces, the bra features HeroPanel technology, creating enhanced bust support. As well as the revolutionary HeroWire, which quite literally tailors the bra to your body. An instant favourite, this style deftly combines cutting edge technology and beautiful finishings.

Contour Bra, £75.00

2.) The High Waist


The ultimate shaping knickers, The High Waist style smooths, sculpts and supports, made in breathable fabric with built-in flexibility at the waist. The expert body-scultiping nature of these pants targets the stomach and waist and guarantees a seam-free finish.

Designed with the intention to provide the perfect foundation for those extra special dates in the calendar or as a full-proof go-to for daily tailoring.

The High Waist, £55.00

3.) The Outer Body


Offering the holy trinity of smoothing, sculpting and supporting properties thanks to HeroPanels technology, The Outer Body contours the waist, stomach and bust effortlessly. A bodysuit with versatility, try as the perfect all-in-one base, or style as outerwear with high waisted trousers or jeans to showcase the body-flattering v-neck and sexy scoop back.

The Outer Body, £95.00

4.) The Nude


A chat with anyone who has experienced Heist tights is a testament to the incredible properties of their expertly crafted take on this classic foundationwear piece. Having worked closely with over 100,000 women and backed by data science, the resulting offering is a pair of tights quite unlike any other.

From this extensive research, Heist was able to create 7 representative shades of The Nude tights, “so that all women can find their perfect match”.

The Nude, £22.00

5.) The Thirty-Five


Another shining example of the Heist take on tights, and a sustainble one at that The Thirty-Five are the perfect mid-denier option and ideal for a day-to-night office transition. Featuring hand-sewn finishes and an adaptive waistbands, this is hosiery taken to the next level.

The signature “gravity-defying” technology makes rolling and sagging a thing of the past all whilst offering a sustainable take on a foundationwear staple, made using recycled yarns.

The Thirty-Five, £24.00

The Short Stack

Heist is the brand that will - quite literally - have your back, with foundationwear designed to elevate your confidence.

By Hannah Connolly

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