The Power of Making The First Move

In a world that's constantly evolving, how can we redefine traditional norms to feel empowered to make the first move in all aspects of life.

By Victoria Ayodeji

27 October 2023

he Power of Making the First Move panel at The Stack World Women and Power Summit was sponsored by Bumble and hosted by Emma-Louise Boynton, Founder of Host of the award-winning, sell-out live event series, Sex Talks.

Launched in 2021, Emma-Louise's Sex Talks is a fast growing media platform that exists to engender more open and honest conversations around typically taboo topics including sex, relationships and the future of intimacy. She's also the Co-Founder of the female-focused creative production agency, Her Hustle.

This popular panel discussion shed light on how Stack World members can harness the power they possess within, while celebrating the courage it takes to step forward and make that initial first move. Whether it's in dating, friendships, career, or networking, having the confidence to initiate can be the catalyst in helping you build meaningful connections and creating new opportunities in both personal and professional life.

Stack members heard from thought leaders who have mastered the art of making the first move. Joining Emma-Louise on the panel were two remarkable women who provided valuable insights into the power of making the first move: Naomi Walkland and Dior Bediako.

Naomi Walkland is Vice President of EMEA and APAC Marketing at Bumble and is focused on driving Bumble's growth and international expansion. As a Marketing leader she has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing marketing teams, specialising in brand marketing, growth strategies, and new market expansion to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth in high-growth and global companies.

Whilst, Dior Bediako is a life coach and the Founder of Pepper Your Talk, an organisation focused on self-growth through courses and programmes to inspire people to build their dream life. Dior is also an international event host, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator working across the creative industries. She creatively merges these specialisms with her passion for helping others with their personal growth goals; truly pushing her community to recognise their infinite potential and the world of possibilities within them.

Bumble is a company that aligns perfectly with the message of women’s empowerment and making the first move. Bumble's mission is to create a platform that encourages meaningful connections and provides women with the agency to initiate conversations in dating, friendships, and when networking for their career development. By championing the concept of women taking the lead, Bumble aims to redefine traditional norms and empower individuals to embrace the power of making the first move.

The personal stories and experiences shared on the panel inspired members to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the power of taking initiative.

Here's a summary of what Stack members learnt during the Bumble panel:

Historical Perspectives: The panel delved into the reasons why women historically have been less inclined to make the first move. They explored how societal norms and expectations have influenced women's roles in dating, relationships, and friendships, these social constructs have often left women feeling disempowered and unfulfilled in life.

Empowering Moves: Making the first move in relationships and on your dating journey can take various forms, from big leaps to micro-moves whatever you decide to do is a step in the right direction. The panel emphasised that there's strength in these initial small actions and shared strategies for effective decision-making when deciding on how to take action and make the first move.

Taking Control: The discussion highlighted the importance of taking control of your personal dating journey and how this empowerment can extend to other areas of your life and career. Making the first move can set the stage for meaningful connections and shape your career and general life path.

Dealing with Rejections: Rejections can often be a part of making the first move, rather than fear rejection our panelists provided shared some key advice for handling rejection such as not internalising rejections and adopting an abundance mindset in being committed to searching for new opportunities and your next 'yes'. Learning how to gracefully accept rejections can be a powerful tool in building self-confidence and resilience.

Boundaries: Ensuring kindness and empathy when setting boundaries, dating, and in platonic relationships were key themes. These qualities not only lead to healthier connections but also empower women in their pursuits of making the first moves confidently and in a psychologically safe space.

Self-Love: The panel underscored the significance of self-love and high self-esteem as the ultimate power move. Recognising your worth and practicing self-love can be a transformative force in all aspects of your life.

In a world where gender dynamics are evolving, Bumble's commitment to providing a platform where women can take control aligns seamlessly with the theme of the Power of Making the First Move. For those who couldn't attend this empowering session in person, the replay is available on Stack TV. Watch the session to discover how embracing the power of making the first move will transform your life today and well into the future, as you get ready and prepare for the opportunities that 2024 will bring.

Photos courtesy of Kiran Gidda.

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In a world that's constantly evolving, how can we redefine traditional norms to feel empowered to make the first move in all aspects of life.

By Victoria Ayodeji

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