The Feeling It Series: Stepping into Style

In the final instalment of our Feeling It Series with lululemon Senior UX Writer Róisín Lonergan shares her connection to fitness and style in the city.

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By Hannah Connolly

28 June 2023

Advertising Feature:


ollowing on from the launch of lululemon’s groundbreaking footwear range, The Stack World has been putting the four styles to the test, as part of our Feeling It Series, in the final instalment, we stepped into style with Chargefeel.

Each shoe in the collection has its own unique identity and purpose; first out of the gate was the Blissfeel, followed by the Restfeel slide, Chargefeel and Strongfeel trainers.

“Run. Train. Go.” – That is the essence of this particular style called Chargefeel, a hybrid shoe designed to support you no matter the activity. Midfoot framing provides support for multifaceted movement, and added flexibility is enhanced by a dual-density midsole that provides a springy foundation for running and agility.

The all-rounder nature of this trainer is the perfect fit for the busy city-based woman, it minimises the need for multiple shoes for multiple activities and allows its wearer to charge head-first and confidently into their own personal wellness practices.

Our Stack World Members have been incorporating these trainers into their lifestyles, sharing with us their top-of-mind feelings.

Here Senior UX Copywriter and Fitness addict Róisín Lonergan put lululemon’s Chargefeel shoe to the test.

Stepping into Style with Róisín Lonergan

Róisín Lonergan is a senior UX Copywriter for a Cybersecurity company in London. Her mission is to inspire people to go beyond their expectations of themselves and to appreciate the humour and beauty whilst doing so – a mantra she very much applies to her own life.

In The Stack World App, Róisín has been opting for the little and often approach to fitness and is the Founder of the 20 Minute Cardio Club. Though, long distance is also on her mind as she recently trained for an Ultra Marathon – a 55k run.

Much like the Chargefeel, Róisín’s approach is multifaceted. “My wellness practice involves frequent workouts, whether that’s HITT at home, skipping in the park, running through parks, canals and busy London Streets.”

Though, like so many of us, Róisín is aware of the challenges of a wellness practice in the city, sharing as we caught up post-charging into the trainers: “I know my HITT workouts annoy my neighbours downstairs at times, so I make sure I only do high-intensity ones during the day…”

Yet, the city itself plays a big part in her approach: “I think London has many great opportunities for wellness practices, especially communities you can join,” she added, detailing that consideration makes all the difference: “It’s such a huge city with millions of residents and plenty of tourists, we need to be considerate of the people around us too.”

Enter Chargefeel. For Róisín, the technology is important for the final experience. On her favourite element of the shoe, she shares that the bounce is paramount. “I put them on and feel like they give me a bit of a boost. I wear one of my pairs around the house and the other outdoors, and it gives me a lift just putting them on.”

The multifaceted style notes of the trainers also come as a bonus: “ I also love the colours; I have them in cream and navy blue and have been wearing them out and about, not just for exercise, because they’re so stylish and comfortable,” she says. In her day-to-day life, this flexibility is ideal, and being able to transition into different forms of wellness and exercise has been important, even when working from home.

“I use the Chargefeel trainers for my HIIT workouts. Since 2020 I’ve gotten really into doing HIIT workouts at home and these shoes give me extra support and bounce and make my workouts more fun and something to look forward to even more. I also have a treadmill desk, so I use them for walking on that, as well as walking outdoors.”

So, how does lululemon work in tandem with Róisín’s fitness goals? “I look for style, comfort, quality, and a flattering fit, and lululemon definitely lives up to that. The leggings are very flattering, as are the long-sleeve workout tops, they don’t swamp you, and they support you in all the right places. They’re also comfortable over long distances. I did my first ultra-marathon, the Camino Ultra 50km race, and I wore my lululemon fit with no problems. That’s 31 miles and 6 hours of running... the shoes feel great every time I wear them.”

When it comes to style and function, the goal is synergy, and lululemon has certainly brought this to the table. For Róisín, self-expression in fitness is paramount, and from her experience, this has been heightened since first stepping out in lululemon’s Chargefeel shoes.

“Style is important to me. When you work out a lot, you’re in workout clothes a lot, and I find that if I just wear the first thing, I find it can make the workouts feel like more of a chore. But putting on a nice outfit makes me feel good about myself; it’s more flattering, and so I look forward to my workouts more when I wear lululemon.”

Check out the lululemon footwear range, including Chargefeel here, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the Feeling It Series, where our Stack World Members will be trying out Blissfeel, Strongfeel and Restfeel.**

Images for The Feeling It Series were taken by JKG PHOTOGRAPHY with makeup and hair by Maya Czarnecka.

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In the final instalment of our Feeling It Series with lululemon Senior UX Writer Róisín Lonergan shares her connection to fitness and style in the city.

By Hannah Connolly

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