The Feeling It Series: Stepping Into Ease

In part two of our Feeling It Series with luluLemon, Founder Calais Lois trials out the Restfeel Slider and shares her joyous approach to wellness

By Hannah Connolly

14 June 2023

ollowing on from the launch of luluLemon’s debut trainer, Blissfeel, the luxury activewear label was quick on their heels with three more styles, one of those shoes was the Restfeel.

Within the collection, each shoe is intended to evoke its own unique feeling for the wearer. Restfeel, as is suggested in the name, is centric to restfulness in the guise of an ergonomically masterful slide that inspires a welcome essence of ease.

lululemon boasts more than 25 years of design insights, developing and honing an innovative approach to wearer first, design technology, coined the ‘Science of Feel’. Now, they have applied these insights into the very sole of their footwear offering.

Restfeel is a style that has been curated to soothe the foot post workout and is intended to carry the wearer to wherever life takes them next easily, comfortably and seamlessly. Diligently researched for a woman’s foot first, Restfeel features a dual-density midsole and inspires maximum support to promote restful relaxation.

This month, The Stack World put all four shoes to the test as part of the Feeling It Series. Here, Founder of The Breath Room Calais Lois trials lululemon’s Restfeel slide.

Stepping Into Ease With Calais Lois...

Calais Lois has long since been fascinated in the power of narratives to shape human experience, with an academic background in Literature, she is now the founder of the sensory wellness hub, The Breath Room. Today Lois’ relationship with wellness is one centric to seamless ease.

Yet, as so many of us know, achieving rest and finding time for our wellness practice isn’t always easy. For Calais, as a busy Founder and Mother, her approach is seasonal, easy going and ever changing — adapting to the needs and circumstances of her life at a given time.

“I was the prime candidate for the millionaire morning routine, trying to fit fifty things in,” she tells The Stack World as we catch up after first sliding into the Restfeel shoes.

“Over the past couple years, I have been approaching balance, not as daily balance or even weekly, it is seasonal. There are times where I spend two/three hours in the gym, or I could be going to the sauna and luxuriating — then there's time where my workout is just walking from meeting to meeting.”

Which is where, for Calais, having now tried out Restfeel this particular style’s essence really shines. Sharing that often, it’s about having head-to-toe activewear pieces that are easily transitional to facilitate the ebbs and flows of a day that could move from the gym to meetings, to the school run.

“The fact there’s such a lovely range of colourways… I have quite a minimalist wardrobe that coordinates with itself. Being a mum and running a business I like to know I can pull pretty much anything out of my wardrobe, and it will work.”

For Calais, Restfeel’s sleek design was a major plus point, but so too was the mindset change that the shoes signified as part of her existing workout routine which is usually running based, or cardio focused. Appreciating and noticing the power of a mental shift that can be inspired and denoted by a change in what she is wearing.

Sharing: “In the gym it is really good to signal the transition from the tougher part of my workout, before I used to just take my shoes off to get on the mat and stretch. Changing the footwear (into Restfeel) and padding across does signal that shift, and you are introducing that element of ease and comfort to get into warm down.”

A sole, with soul it would seem, and for Lois, Restfeel makes perfect sense to her approach to fitness and wellness: “My favouite part of the shoe is the sole, it’s soft and supportive – It has that combination of feeling very functional and solid, but then it’s almost like you sink in (to them).”

So comfortable in fact, Calais shares, "I thought they were memory foam, or some sort of adaptive sole, that’s how they feel." Adding: "It's like it’s molded to my foot.”

Calais’ approach to wellness in her life, especially in the city shows a synchronicity with the easy going, yet supportive nature of Restfeel, and that often for her, it's about getting workouts in when she can rather than following a regimented routine – opting for a more free flowing approach.

“If I can make things as seamless as possible... it all has to feed into a loop and support each other,” and it would seem Restfeel has slid right into that practice.

Check out the luluLemon footwear range, including Restfeel here, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series where our Stack World Members will be trailing Chargefeel, Strongfeel and Blissfeel.

Images for The Feeling It Series were taken by JKG PHOTOGRAPH, makeup and hair by Maya Czarnecka.

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In part two of our Feeling It Series with luluLemon, Founder Calais Lois trials out the Restfeel Slider and shares her approach to wellness in the city.

By Hannah Connolly

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