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Forget ‘new year, new you’, we just want to feel our best. Here are 2022’s top treatments and where to book them

By Rhea Cartwright

2 February 2022

The Medical MOT

Public interest in medical research is at an all-time high. Thanks to Covid-19 we understand the shape and behaviour of our body’s immune system like never before. Cue the complete MOT offered by Preventicum clinic in Chancery Lane. Not only can you evaluate your blood cells and antibodies to test your personal security defense system, as well as check your blood pressure (living through a pandemic is enough to raise anyone’s beyond ideal levels), but the half-day Ultimate Assessment also includes MRI scans, full-body ultrasounds, urine analysis, a hearing test and exercise stress tests. At £5,500 (for the Ultimate Assessment) it’s certainly an investment, but as the saying goes, health is wealth. Prices start at £2,000.

The New One-Stop Nip/Tuck Spot

With a look and feel that is more ‘private members’ club’ than ‘Harley Street medical centre’, the hotly anticipated The Clinic at Holland Park opened its doors on Holland Park Avenue at the end of 2021. Boasting cutting-edge cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments, beauty and wellness – from hormone consultations to an eye-lid lift – you’ll find it all under one roof here. You can tap into leading hand-selected experts who cross-refer so you can achieve your goals. Any big events planned? Schedule a consultation in the run-up to get a bespoke package to look and feel your best.

The Next-Gen Body-Sculpting Machine

For a futuristic body pummeling, head to the new London branch of Ricari Studios (its other clinics are in New York, LA and Las Vegas). Nestled on the first floor of the NoMad hotel in Covent Garden – and featuring luxurious treatment rooms that were once police cells – awaits a multi-limbed device that resembles a robotic octopus. A first for the UK, the Icoone silhouette-sculpting device claims to boost collagen production, revive circulation, facilitate lymphatic drainage, smooth cellulite and reduce puffiness. After slipping into a fetching white bodysuit, the roller arms deliver rotations to revitalise the whole body, from head to toe. Body treatments start from £165.

The Mind and Soul Transformation Experts

The widely unregulated coaching industry means that any self-proclaimed self-help guru can sell you an unobtainable fantasy, but fortunately there are trusted gems to be found out there. With life coaching reportedly the second largest-growing industry in the US, the market is saturated. However, London-based Gemma Perlin is a behavioral change coach (who has garnered fantastic feedback from previous clients) who helps people find the right tools and strategies to manage their mind and reclaim control of their life. Or, if you want to see how the stars are aligning, book with Sade Buari, known as the Astrology Vixen, who uses her clients’ astrological birth charts to help you break repetitive karmic cycles and reach your fullest potential.;

The Energy Healing Therapy

Like souped-up reiki, cranio-sacral therapy is a light-touch bodywork therapy that aims to reduce energetic blockages in the body that can contribute to tension and chronic pain. The cranium, spine and sacrum make up the cranio-sacral system which is connected by the body’s deepest fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds every organ), which creates micro pulsations. Lying down on your back fully clothed, a practitioner at the Centre for Cranio-sacral Therapy, Primrose Hill, will tap into your cranio-sacral rhythm to look for imbalances in the vibration and quality of the pulses to bring you back into alignment. Does it sound like woo-woo wellness to the untrained eye? Yes – but, you’ll probably fall asleep during the treatment and leave with a newfound sense of peace. If your mind, body or soul feels like it has taken a beating, book a treatment now. Prices start from £60 for a one-hour session.

The Full Complexion Overhaul

Combining holistic methods with innovative beauty tech, Tarryn Warren’s truly magic hands and full roster of gadgets are the answer to a complexion overhaul. Whether you want to brighten, depuff or reduce redness, Warren will resuscitate tired, dull skin in just over an hour, without any pan pipes or whale music in earshot. Working with a range of cherry-picked products for your individual skincare needs, her bespoke facials include skin peels, microneedling and LED to target specific issues. Opt for the Body Balancer add-on: an inflatable massage suit that uses compression therapy to detoxify, destress and improve digestion. Prices start from £180 for 60 minutes.

The Light-Years-Ahead Laser Beam

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that the secret to a flawless complexion is laser treatment. A controlled blasting of the skin with light, energy – or a combo of both, works deep into the skin to treat the full gamut of issues one may have. The Moxi laser treatment, bookable at Dr Benji Dhillon’s clinic, is light years ahead of the competition thanks to its ability to tackle pigmentation, uneven skin texture, sun damage and skin ageing. By creating controlled damage to the skin, the body’s natural healing response is triggered to remove the damaged cells, replacing them with fresh ones. The result? Fresher, brighter skin with minimal downtime and unlike many lasers on the market it is suitable for all skin tones. Price on consultation.

The New Longer-Lasting Nails

The advent of a two-week gel manicure felt revolutionary for its time, but the popularity of builder gel is on the rise. Adding length, thickness or strength to the nail, builder gel can be applied to natural nails or extensions, with a longer-lasting and more durable finish than traditional gel, and a more natural look than acrylics. Head to Nuka Nails just off Ladbroke Grove to get your talons tended to by ex-WAH Nails girls and besties Anouska Anastasia and Kadimah Aaliyah – ‘the freshest nail art duo in London’. Prices from £45 for a manicure with builder gel.

The Transformative Tea Therapy

While we all know that popping the kettle on is the problem-solving antidote to nearly everything. Lera Zujeva – known as the tea whisperer – is on a mission to spread harmony by harnessing the magic of the tea ceremony with energy healing, incorporating silent meditation for spiritual growth and awakening. Offering individual or group sessions, Zujeva guides you to reset and recentre your mind to focus on the present. Who knew that spilling the tea could be so positive? Sessions start from £20.

The Online Skincare Mentor

No more 12-step skin routines, Lionne is a holistic, tech-led skincare support system founded by Megan Felton and Ksenia Selivanova which will help you streamline your skincare routine. Much like a dating app, but without the unsolicited pictures, you’ll be matched with an expert ‘Skin Mentor’ who will help you stop wasting precious time, energy and money on skincare products. With impartial advice and bespoke product recommendations – Lionne has given its seal of approval to more than 700 products so there’s something for every skin – Lionne’s virtual consultations have become a lifeline for those struggling with their skin when face-to-face appointments aren’t an option. Skin consultations start from £65.

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Forget ‘new year, new you’ – we just want to feel our best. Here are 2022’s top treatments, reveals Rhea Cartwright

By Rhea Cartwright

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