The Best Beauty Brands To Support This Pride Month

Choose activism over tokenism by purchasing from beauty brands that truly give back to the LGBTQIA+ community

By Rhea Cartwright

17 June 2021

ride Month 2021 is well and truly underway. The annual celebration taking place in June is a time to celebrate the diverse accomplishments, identities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

For beauty brands, plastering packaging with rainbow flags and donating a measly percentage of profits simply does not cut it. Pride is a time for brands to put their money where their mouth is and an opportunity to spread much-needed awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues and support charitable causes.

While commercial activism is often nothing more than tokenism, there are several beauty brands that are putting in the work to support the LGBTQIA+ community and the continued fight for equal rights and acceptance.

Here is our edit of the best gender neutral or LGBTQIA+ owned brands that are striving to make a difference in 2021.


Known for their multi-use gloriously saturated, full-colour paint pots, Depixym understands that being a true ally takes more than one month of support. Not only has their marketing been truly inclusive and diverse from launch but also, a third of every sale from its Pride collection, which is available all year long, is donated to the charities Akt and Mermaids.

Allies of Skin

As a LGBTQIA+ founder, Nicholas Travis supports the community with his skincare brands, Allies of Skin and PSA. Throughout Pride Month, they are amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices across their social channels with both skincare tutortials and insightful interviews.

Creating a skincare brand where everyone feels welcome, their highly effective products are now also available in Boots for anyone who has yet to get their hands on them.


The newest brand in the line-up, British skincare brand Minimum makes products for everyone. With simple yet effective formulations, Minimum has been created with all skin in mind which is reflected beautifully in all their marketing. Mark my words, they are a brand to watch!

Skin Glow London

If you thought sheet masks were over, think again. Skin Glow London is the brand if you want instant hydration and glow in minutes. The LGBTQIA+ founder, Oztas Riza, worked for some of the biggest names in the beauty business before creating his own in 2020, and the small but mighty brand has been adored by everyone from Funmi Fetto to Trinny Woodall.

Noto Botanics

LGBTQIA+ owned Noto Botanics was created by make-up artist Gloria Noto. The organic beauty line has a mission to be both multi-use and universal for fluid self expression and their delicious oils are some of the most hard-working on the market.

Jecca Blac

With a mission to break down the stigma behind wearing make-up that make-up, Jessica Blackler began her career offering makeup lessons to trans+ community before launching Jecca Blac. With a line of products for all genders, sexualities and pronouns, the brand has authenically grown both within the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond with its highly pigmented, vegan products.


UpCircle are best known for their commitment to sustainable to beauty but they have also pledged their ongoing allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community, too. Their future plans include working with at least 50% LGBTQIA+ creators in all of their paid partnerships going forward. Considering that influencer marketing is still widely dominated by straight, cis-white individuals, it's an encouraging move from the brand to ensure that representation is key.

The Short Stack

Buying a new cleanser might not lead to instant equality but our purchasing power can give back and support communities that need it most.

By Rhea Cartwright

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