How Does a 17-year-old Get Ready For Her First BAFTAs?

Kosar Ali on her Lancôme beauty favourites and why listening to 2Pac is a getting ready ritual

By Rhea Cartwright

13 April 2021

our average 17-year old isn't wearing McQueen with Lancôme makeup for evening soirées but Kosar Ali is anything but average. Having starred in Netflix's 2019 film Rocks, her impeccable performance scored her a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actress.

For her first major awards show – albeit virtual – Ali was unsuprisingly still giddy with excitment about getting ready. For the British-Somali actress this is the thing of dreams and she caught up exclusively with The Stack to talk through how she prepped for the BAFTAs, what beauty identity means to her and when she feels most powerful.

Prepping for the BAFTAS was crazy.

There was so much to do but it was so exciting. I had an amazing team and being glammed up ready to enjoy the night was fun but also felt very odd. My make-up inspiration was a simple glowy supermodel – when someone looks at me I want them to think I have great skin!

I think beauty is the essence of a being, with so many elements within that.

Being beautiful is feeling beautiful - whatever it may be for each individual. If you feel good then you look good so beauty really is from within.

Right now I feel like a badass superwoman.

I literally lived out my fantasy with the incredible McQueen and Lancôme team for the Baftas. I feel most powerful when I have a vision or a look in my head – whether it’s pyjamas or a gown – and it comes to life. I’ve expressed myself through clothes since I was young so if the fit is popping, so am I!

We identify ourselves through others.

In a world of technology and social media, where we digest and receive what’s put out in front of us, representation and seeing people that look like us is so important.

My Mother taught me the most about beauty rituals.

She would always mix traditional Somali herbs and tree blends on her face. I’d always look at her in such confusion but I was so intrigued as she would explain what each one does and the benefits. As I grew up I began copying her and using these natural blends because they really are the best.

There is no stronger bond than between women.

Female relationships are everything to me. When we unite and support each other we can get achieve anything. The love and loyalty my friends bring me is indescribable.

I like to keep my makeup minimal but cute.

I use some tinted moisturiser and concealer under my eyes to wake me up. Some liquid blush, tinted lip balm, a slick of mascara and that’s it!

I listen to 2Pac when I’m getting ready. His music always keeps me present, grounded and weirdly grateful. But as a complete contrast, I’ll switch to Nicki Minaj because she makes me feel like a boss.

Make up artist Adriana Bartosova tells The Stack that Ali's look was all about fresh, healthy-looking skin, with a real attention and focus on the eyes. Exclusively using Lancôme, we share the edit below.

Lancôme Hydra Zen Glow Moisturiser

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Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Foundation

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Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Camo Concealer, £24

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Lancôme Hypnôse Palette in Terre de Sienne

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Lancôme Grandiôse Liner

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Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara

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Lead image: Hana Knizova

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Proving that age is nothing but a number, Kosar Ali is one to watch.

By Rhea Cartwright

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