Sensory Matters: How To Curate A Home Fragrance To Boost Your Mood

The scents we use in our home not only showcase our individuality, they also harness the ability to shift our moods — we discuss our favourite home fragrances with Diptyque

Advertising Feature:

By Hannah Connolly

3 April 2023

Advertising Feature:

When it comes to the discovery of a signature perfume, we so often commit time to trialling, testing and seeking out the ones that best fit our true selves. Informed by memories, passions and the essence we want to put into the world – we dedicate our noses to uncovering the perfumes with sensitivity.

The same approach can be applied to the scents we bring into our homes, and in doing so we welcome a touch of sensory luxury to our spaces. Selecting with intention the aromas that can elevate our homes in our own personal sanctuaries and as extensions of our personalities and taste.

Beyond self-expression, science too is at play – our senses have powerful effects on our brains and perhaps none more so than smell. In fact, recent studies have found that our mood, concentration levels, memory recall and emotions are inextricably linked to the scents we encounter and can be up 75% dictated by them. Going on further to identify that we can be up 100 times more likely to remember something we smell versus remembering something we touch, see or hear.

So, with this in mind, and with spring about to blossom we are reassessing the fragrances we introduce into our home. Here, we break down our favourite scents and products from luxury fragrance maison Diptyque.

The new one to welcome spring…

Though the weather might not make it feel as though spring is in full swing, the days are getting longer and the sunshine is (hopefully) just on the horizon. In ode to this changing of the seasons the perfect choice to welcome Spring is Diptyque's new limited edition fragrance FLEUR DE CERISIER.

Inspired by the "ephemeral flowering of the Cherry Blossom tree," this candle is an enriching floral scent enhanced by musks. In time for the season of new beginnings welcome this candle into your space to create a joyous atmosphere of serenity. We love this fragrance most for those breezy summer mornings.


The one for subtle flair…

Over half a century ago, Diptyque was founded by three friends: painter Desmond Knox-Leet, set designer Yves Coueslant and architect Christiane Gautrot — what was born was a fragrance Maison that has ever since developed a range of luxury products for the home and for the body. To celebrate the 55th anniversary the BOULEVARD SAINT GERMAIN scent was created in homage to the Parisian street which was home to the very first boutique.

A much beloved scent, and a long time favourite of ours here at The Stack World, this fragrance is imbued with greenery including moss and blackcurrant leaves, enhanced by an undercurrent of spices and woody notes. In this particular form, the scent oval, the product is best used for small spaces like closets or dressers — a quiet sense of personal luxury enhancing every inch of your space. We love using the scented ovals on door handles in our homes, when opened it creates a subtle wash of fragrance.


The one for discovery…

If you are seeking out the perfect scent for your home but are unsure on which direction to go in then we recommend the build your own set. This allows you to select three fragrances providing the chance to experiment before committing to a scent profile you truly love.

This also makes for a beautiful gift, as well as being ideal for those looking to explore scents for individual rooms in your home. If we were to choose our three it would be: AMBRE, FEUILLE DE LAVANDE and MIMOSA.


The one for the bedroom…

Roses is one of Diptyque's most beautiful and elegant scents. If you are a fan of florals then there is no doubt this is the one for you. An ever lasting bouquet of stunning rose petals, in the room spray format the ROSES scent is perfect for bedroom spaces.

Try spraying this product on fresh bedding, or for a warm weather touch of luxury spray on your curtains and let the summer breeze billow in, diffusing the scent across your space.


The one for the host…

If you are looking to imbue your bigger spaces with its own unique aroma we recommend opting for a diffuser. This works best in dinner party settings, as though of course candles make beautiful tablescapes, if they are too powerful, they can disrupt the eating experience. Instead, opt for scentless votive candles around the dinner table and use diffusers to give the room a constant but non-overpowering essence. We love the BAIES fragrance recently with summer hosting in mind.

Available across a range of Maison classic fragrances, each coming in a vacated oval glass, which mirrors the Diptyque emblem and come evening time and lit by low lighting, a prismatic effect makes for a beautiful home decor piece as well. Intrestingly this product is based on the “capillary action of plants" which allows the natrual rattan reeds to absorb the perfumed concentrate and diffuse. This is a product designed to be kept, with refills and reeds available separately.


The one for late evenings…

One of Diptyque's enduring classics scents is FEU DE BOIS, an iconic aroma which evokes the essence of an open hearth, and capturing the smoky allure of a crackling fire. In the 600g size, this candle is the perfect companion for late evenings amongst friends, keeping the glow alive for up to 90 hours.

We also love using this size candle for those warm summer evenings after the sun has gone down to keep the conversations flowing. Coming in a beautiful enameled porcelain jar stamped with the Diptyque oval, we recommend keeping a hold of the empty jars for potting plants. If you love long evenings in your living room this is perfection, cosy and relaxing this timeless scent will imbue your space with a soothing and relaxing sense of luxury.


The one for those that love to cook...

For those who are always cooking, whether it is for themselves, family or friends, this candle is perfect for you. Designed around fragrance technology that targets and then eliminates the molecule responsible for unpleasant smells. Though, this candle doesn’t just eliminate odors, it actually replaces them with fresh green aromatics in a combination of basil, mint and tomato leaf.

Reminiscent of the charming smells of a vegetable patch in the sun, or a greenhouse full of herbs, this candle is ideal for those who love all things food. The freshness of this candle is also captured in a stunning amber glass vessel, which after a dinner party or later in the evening, provides a warming glow across the kitchen.


The one for setting the atmosphere

Another classic Maison fragrance, the TUBEREUSE candle is a great addition for those who like to make a statement, inspired by the tuberose fields of Southern India, this white flowers fragrance is a heady yet fresh scent, delicately nuanced by fruity tones.

Described by the Maison as “enigmatic and beguiling” it imbues a room with a captivating sensuality, best lit at dusk. We love this in the room spray form for bedroom spaces.


The Short Stack

The scents we use in our home not only showcase our individuality, they also harness the ability to shift our moods — we discuss our favourite home fragrances with Diptyque.

By Hannah Connolly

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