The Essentials According To Fashion Stylist Leah Abbott

London fashion scene nobility and A-list stylist, Leah Abbott shares the wardrobe items that everyone should own and the essential products that get her through the day

By Isobel Van Dyke

12 March 2022

7-year-old Fashion Stylist Leah Abbott moved to London from Bristol just under a decade ago. Within that time, she has successfully cemented herself at the core of the capital city’s fashion scene.

Growing up, it was Abbott’s annual birthday present to drive to London with her mum and visit Oxford Street. When she eventually got to move to the city, she made fashion her side-hustle whilst still studying by DMing a stylist on Instagram (who she went on to work with for two years).

Since then, Abbott’s clients have included Jorja Smith, Adidas, Slowthai, Celeste and Skepta - to name but a few. The Stack interviewed her for our series, The Essentials, and below she unpacks all the vital items that get her through the day.

The Essential Wardrobe Items

Combat trousers. I live in a Maharishi combat trouser. I have a pair and I’m a size 16 and my best friend has a pair and she’s a size 8 - they’re one size fits all and so practical. I wear them too much.

A good blazer. Everyone needs a cute blazer - I have a plain black leather one.

The only heels I can actually wear are Margiela Tabi boots. The heel is chunky-enough that my feet last when I wear them.

White Air Force, of course. Such a classic shoe.

Styling Essentials - In my kit bag you will find…

Body tape - clear, double-sided body tape.

Obviously, safety pins.

Crocodile clips - if you’re trying to hold something in place but you’re not going to see the back of the outfit, crocodile clips will keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

Pop socks. Sometimes regular socks can be too thick for sliding shoes on and off - I always carry a black pair from M&S.

Essential fashion brands everyone should have on their radar…

Maximilian - I love him at the moment and I love that his collections are inclusive, there’s always a range of models with different body types.

Can I say CSM (Central Saint Martins) as a whole? I go there all the time and meet the students and chat to them about their collections.

Essential to my morning routine is…

Barbara Sturm’s Glow Drops - I don’t like to look matte, I like to look really shiny and glowy.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen mist - because you can apply that one over makeup too. It’s factor 50 but it’s so light sometimes I can’t tell if I’ve applied it or not.

I always have a lip liner in my bag. I will always carry a MAC chestnut lip liner. It just spruces my face up a bit!

Dewy Stix - it’s almost like a vaseline but for your cheeks so it acts like a highlight. I put it everywhere, eyes, cheeks, nose, I love it.

Essential to my nighttime routine is…

I have a lot of Boy Smells candles. They smell insane and are also so nice to look at or have on a bedside table.

I’ve been using a lot of Estée Lauder recently. They have this face wash which melts away your makeup and is more like a balm. I once had a facial and she told me my skin was dry so I needed to stop using soapy face wash and start using creamier ones.

I also use the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Cream.

Essential daily listening…

I listen a lot to my friend Sasha Keable.

In terms of podcasts, I listen to The Halfcast Podcast (now HCPod) by ChuckieOnline, which I really like. I usually watch it on YouTube or have it on whilst I’m in the office.

The Short Stack

Everything celebrity stylist Leah Abbott relies on to get her through the day.

By Isobel Van Dyke

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