It’s Our Birthday: The Stack World Turns Two

As we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, we take a look back at the moments that have defined another 12 months at The Stack World

By Hannah Connolly

8 March 2023

s we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we also celebrate another year at The Stack World, marking our second birthday since launch. Our community has grown since March 8th 2021 and now, more than 12,000 worldwide members make up the Stack World network.

Across the last 12 months we have redesigned our App, published our second newspaper, published more than 400 articles, hosted more than 2,000 events and witnessed more than 500 Clubs grow and thrive.

Back in January, we launched our creator platform, which, in the months since then, has blossomed into the Clubs we know and love today. In fact, over 500 Clubs have been created by our members, which have each become thriving communities of like-minded individuals.

February marked the launch of our debut broadsheet newspaper, which allowed us to see what the media landscape could look like if women called the shots and wrote the stories, and then we went and did it again in January of 2023.

We collaborated with some of our favorite brands, from our mentorship program with Squarespace, to our enduring connection to Veuve Clicquot's mission to celebrate women entrepreneurs and leaders. As well as countless other collaborations with the brands we love. 

We gained game-changing insights from our Stack Experts, partied the night away on the rooftop of One Hundred Shoreditch, and tackled the subjects that really mattered from burnout to maternity leave in our Stack Conversations series and of course, we returned to Oakley Court for The Stack World Conference

Our app and web experience also went to the next level this year with our new infinite scroll home page, seamless event listings, Clubs, and a whole new design... with The Stack Team working tirelessly to make sure you get the most out of your membership.

Today, The Stack World is a buzzing web of interconnected communities, providing women with the tool to supercharge their self development and create meaningful, lifelong relationships with like minded collaborators, business partners and friends.

We have, of course, felt the highs and lows over the last year, but no matter what, our proudest moments and our biggest motivator remain our members. Our greatest achievement, ultimately is your greatest achievement. Our mission has always been to supercharge yours, and it will continue to be the core of what we do moving forward.

Here, we're breaking down the stand-out moments of… 

In January we launched the creator platform and established our visions for the year

To kick off the New Year, we revealed the next step in The Stack World journey by launching with our Creators. This was the first step in the journey towards the Clubs we know and love today, allowing our members to monetise or share their area of expertise and grow their communities. 

In February we launched a newspaper


In the second month of 2022, we launched The Stack World newspaper. A thought experiment from Sharmadean Reid and Consultant Editor Laura Weir, we put together a 20-page broadsheet written both in-house and by some of the UK's brightest journalistic talent to consider what a newspaper would look like if the media landscape was shaped by women, for women. 

In March we partnered with Selfridges and we got together with Squarespace to talk about what leadership truly means


March brought with it a major milestone for The Stack World, as we celebrated our first birthday on International Women's Day. We also partnered with Selfridges and considered the true meaning of retail therapy and we got together with Squarespace at Petersham Nurseries in an intimate breakfast to discuss what the future of women's leadership might look like

In April we headed to One Hundred Shoreditch to discuss burnout and felt blissful with LuluLemon


What a view... By April we were tapping into the topics that our members felt the most passionate about, leading to our smash-hit panel on burnout. In true Stack style we caught up with our members over rooftop cocktails at one of our favorite hotels ONE HUNDRED Shoreditch afterward.  

In May we couldn't stop thinking about Hot Girl Sabbatical's, and went OOO


Building on from our Burnout panel, we got together again to discuss the zeitgeist, this time, taking a deep dive into sabbaticals, and Hot Girl Sabbaticals at that. Then, we went OOO for an end-of-month party with The Stack World community. 

In June we realigned with our visions


In Spring we realigned with our visions by heading back to Oakley Court in tandem with the Summer Solstice to create the framework to make the rest of the year match up to our higher missions. 

In July we had dinner with Veuve Clicquot to celebrate The Bold Woman Awards


July was all about women's entrepreneurial talent and leadership as we sat down with Veuve Clicquot for dinner and drinks celebrating half a century of the luxury champagne retailers Bold Woman Awards. Marking a year since Sharamdean Reid was awarded the Bold Future accolade. 

In August we celebrated the Bank Holiday Stack style and launched with Eyeko


As we hit the halfway point of 2022, we invited our community to get together and celebrate all of the wins and achievements in an evening of networking

In September we launched The Stack World DAO and we held our Pitch Night


We narrowed in on our pitching skills in September, inviting members to present their entrepreneurial plans and ventures to our community, as we were reminded of the power that support plays at the early stages of our business journeys. This month also marked the launch of our DAO which powered our members to curate the programming for our upcoming conference. 

In October we held The Stack World conference at Oakley Court


We did it... again. Bigger and better than ever, we made our return to Oakley Court for our annual Stack World Conference. Hundreds of members, friends and industry leaders came together for a day of roundtables, panels and networking to discuss the most important issues facing women. 

In November we built our Power Networks


November marked the end of The Stack World x Squarespace Ready To Launch Mentoring Program, which saw 11 members of The Stack World community paired up with industry leaders for a series of invaluable 1:1's and insight sessions. Cumulating in an intimate candle-lit dinner at our base, 180 The Strand. We also celebrated power of networking as Sharmadean Reid led a session teaching us how to build out our own before we put it into good practice over drinks. 

In December we celebrated the holidays Icy Grl style


In December, we were ready to celebrate – celebrate all of the wins to wrap up the end of 2022. Quite literally singing and dancing into the holiday season, we headed to the One Hundred rooftop for a night of karaoke, community and celebration. ICY GRL style, of course.

In January we set our vision and mission and launched issue two of our Newspaper


Returning to central London’s Berners Tavern for a breakfast celebration with members, contributors, guests and Stack World friends we raised a toast to the Second Edition of our 20-page broadsheet. Building upon the first Issue, almost a year to the date, this “hidden in plain sight,” publication is the coming together of the world of traditional media and the possibilities of the Web3 space.

The result is a physical publication, one that looks and feels like the broadsheets we know, but curated through the community power of DOAs and written entirely by women, for women, featuring more than 30 stories.

In February we overcame our Fear of Love


Kicking off the Stack Conversations series for 2023, we took a deep dive into the reality of modern day dating and love. Hosted by Emma Boynton, writer of our Conversations With My Sex Therpaist series, panel speakers, coach Vicki Pavitt, authors Bolu Baboalola and Annie Lord, got into the real truth of online dating, opening our hearts and all things love…

In March we redesigned our App and celebrated our 2nd birthday

Here we are, up to date on another year here at The Stack World. This month, not only are we celebrating our 2nd birthday and International Women's Day, but we are also welcoming you to The Stack World App 2.0. A complete redesign to welcome in a new era, from infinite scroll to maximising profile discoverability, we are ready to take on a new chapter supercharging you and your higher mission… if you haven't already update or download your app now - we can't wait to spend another 12 months with you.

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As we celebrate our 2nd Birthday we take a look back at the moments that have defined another year as The Stack World

By Hannah Connolly

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