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By Louisa Davies

24 July 2022

This is your sign to invest in yourself. And we don’t mean those shoes you’ve had in your basket for weeks [although, they are cute…] We’re talking about investing in your personal and professional development, yes… We’re talking about The Stack World Conference 2022.

Last year, we took over Oakley Court with 250 inspiring women who were ready to connect, learn and grow from each other, and we’re ready to do it all over again this October - but bigger and better than ever before.

On October 6th, The Stack World will once again be taking over Oakley Court for a packed schedule of curated conversations and connections. We will be discussing the future of women in the workplace, centered around four key themes, which we can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL will be…





Our panels will be led by incredible brands you all know and love [dropping names very soon], and our roundtables are all being spearheaded by YOU - our much loved community.

We cannot wait to see you there and we are offering Earlybird tickets exclusively for you. You’ll save £100 by buying an Earlybird ticket, but numbers are extremely limited - when they’re gone, they’re gone! Get your Earlybird conference ticket here.

This week: we’re talking microdosing, TikTok, a new low alcohol beer for the Women’s Euros, and getting you ready for our IRL event next week.

Let’s get into it.

The Stack World xo


On Monday - New Methods is all about changing your mindset, and our session on Monday truly dived deeper into mind-altering substances that have been said to help with depression and anxiety. Sharmadean welcomed Thais Mendes to our community to discuss the benefits of microdosing with planets to ease anxiety. It’s important to note that this does NOT cause you to ‘trip out’ or get high, but many have stated it can be a hugely rewarding experience that can lift the vale of your depression. Want to learn more about microdosing? Check out this chat in our video library, and let us know your thoughts! [Remember: microdosing should be taken seriously, and given with expert opinion before experimentation.]

On Tuesday - Have you got your copy of ‘Confident & Killing It’ yet? We are OBSESSED with Tiwalola Ogunlesi’s new release, an incredible guide to improving your self-esteem and confidence, and on Tuesday loved attending her Stack World Event. Tiwa’s ‘Killing It As A Public Speaker’ event series is hosted exclusively on The Stack, and teaches you the Three V’s of communication, visual, verbal and vocal, to help you feel more confident and achieve your goals. You can join Tiwa’s club here, and make sure you keep an eye out for her next event coming soon!

On Wednesday - It’s happened - we’re officially on TikTok! We’re obsessed with the never-ending algorithm here at The Stack World, and thought it was finally about time we jumped on the app to bring you Stack World realness every day. We’ll be posting news stories, behind the scenes HQ fun, event round ups and more, so make sure you’re following us on TikTok here. We’re also very much here for Stack World TikTok Takeovers - get in touch with for more info!

On Thursday - We went live on Instagram with Sharmadean Reid and our amazing members Winnie, Jasmin and Romy from Sage Flowers to discuss their experiences of maternity leave and running their own businesses. It was incredible to see our members connecting over this topical subject, and also discussing ways businesses can support women in the workplace better when it comes to maternity leave. We are ALL FOR creches in the office - bring your baby to work day, anyone? If you missed the convo, head to our Instagram to catch it!

On Friday - Today is all about celebrating our amazing members, and their wins this week. Georgia Hyatt, founder of fashion rental company Rotaro, saw Love Island host Laura Whitmore wear one of their rented pieces on the show this week… Rebekah Lloyd participated in her first ever video shoot with women’s finance app Your Juno, giving tips on independent finances… Alex Pitt was invited to Marshall Studios for a tour after they heard her amazing podcast episode ‘Your Brand Is Not Your Logo’... and our very own Sharmadean Reid was announced as contributing editor of Elle UK. A busy, fulfilling week for all of our amazing members.


LISTEN - How abortion bans are affecting miscarriage care and this incredible episode about Michelle Lopez, a woman from Trinidad diagnosed with HIV who fought to help others with the same diagnosis.

READ - Women’s Health brand Livi have collaborated with Emma Gannon to create an e-book discussing the falls in women’s healthcare, called Miss Diagnosed. Read for free here - and prepare to be seriously shocked by some of its content.

WATCH - If you loved New Methods this week, we’d recommend checking out Netflix’s ‘How To Change Your Mind’ which documents the psychedelic renaissance and how it helps to heal minds.

NEWS - How to spot the red flags in a creative relationship, resisting the cost of living crisis could be the tipping point for socialist solidarity, and 4 ways collectors can safeguard their NFTs.


Louisa - I was lucky enough to be gifted the Indivisa x Free Star low alcohol beer this week to enjoy whilst watching the Women’s Euros, and watch the Lionesses thrash Spain! Indivisa are a football community aiming to spotlight women’s football, and I’ve been loving their Euros coverage recently. Check them out here!

Rhea - I rarely read non-fiction but picked up "The Start-Up Wife" by Tahmima Anam. The Guardian labelled it as a "savage satire of tech start-ups" and it's been hard to put it down! It tracks the journey of a woman who creates an app and clever algorithm but her husband becomes the face of the startup that then monetises it.

Shar -I was mesmerized by The Daily podcast episode ‘A View of the Beginning of Time’, discussing the James Webb Space Telescope in more detail. Mind Blowing!

Bella - On Tuesday evening I attended the Body Confidence Mastermind Event with Body Confidence coach Tallulah O’hea. We learnt 6 tips to overcome body insecurities which were super helpful. We got up and shook our bodies around to feel the energy shift and ended on a calming breath work exercise. It was bliss! Check out Lulah’s Club here.


**And you thought we were done?!

We are SO excited for our ‘Maternity Leave, Motherhood and Me’ panel and drinks, taking place on the 28th July at One Hundred Shoreditch. We’ll be in discussion with Atinuke Awe, Zara Gregory, Sophie Harris and Marine Tanguy, and opening up the conversation to our community as we look as women in business and female founders who are juggling motherhood with their careers. There are still a few tickets available for our panel here, and if you can’t make it IRL you can stream here! [And don’t forget to stick around for our drinks party afterwards!]

Three of our beloved Stack World members are also coming together for an incredible event you won’t want to miss. ‘The Journeys of our Bodies Minds’ is the brainchild of Roshanne Dorsett [Founder of The Glowcery], Ramat Tejani [Chief Encouragement Officer], and Natalie Meredith [Founder of Empwr Botanics], for an incredible event studying the journey of our body and mind, with expert skincare and mind advice. RSVP here!

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By Louisa Davies

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