How To Claim The Stack World N F T Citizen Card

It's finally here, you can now claim your Stack World NFT Citizen Card and claim voting rights in our DAO.

By Bella Cary

2 September 2022

he Stack NFT is here, and available to all Premium Members for Free. Follow the steps to claim yours now.

You need to have a Wallet address to claim an NFT. You will need to have money in your Wallet (for the transaction and gas fees). We recommend a Coinbase or MetaMask wallet.

If you do not have a Wallet, you can follow these steps to claim yours:

  • Watch Stack World Web3 Summit here
  • Own a web3 wallet: Here is a how-to get a wallet from our Web3 Summit on coinbase (⏭️ to 02:00:00), or here how to on metamask

You will need to join the Stack DAO Club here, and fill out the Tyepform link with your details and wallet address. We have to then process your application and white list you (this may take a few hours).

You can now Mint your Stack Citizen Card via Drop Space (this simply means, you can claim the NFT) - via this link here

Please note it may take a few minutes for your NFT to show up in your wallet.

Now the NFT is in your wallet, now you can see it through your wallet display or other NFT showcase sites like Opensea.

The Short Stack

The Stack World has launched an NFT in the form of a Citizen Card and you can claim it now for free. Available to Premium Members Only.

By Bella Cary

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