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Meet, connect and shop - discover the member-owned businesses setting up shop at The Stack World IRL Fair

By Hannah Connolly

10 March 2022

he inaugural Stack World Fair is coming to you this Saturday, and you won't want to miss it. Experience a curated selection of over 20 member-founded businesses all setting up shop at The Stack HQ for a 5-hour session of shopping, networking and connecting with incredible women-owned businesses.

Each founder and their products offer a unique and game-changing point of view in their respective fields. From wellness and beauty, homewares and jewellery to health and fashion - anticipate feeling inspired.

Join fellow Stack World members and friends celebrating and shopping this weekend; make sure to RSVP and read on to find out more about the companies you can expect to see...

The Glowcery

Roshanne Dorsett is the founder and CEO of the revolutionary skincare brand The Glowcery; inspired by a switch to a plant-based diet, Dorsett searched for innovative ways to nourish her body.

Soon discovering there weren't many brands out there making it clear what we put on our skin should be just as nutritious as what we put in it. After completing a natural and organic skincare course, The Glowcery was born and has been feeding the nation's skin ever since.

Mother Tongue

Founded by Melis Erdem, Mother Tongue offers a curation of unique objects from jewellery to homeware and much more. Operating as a platform shining a light on the creative talent of Turkey. Powered by a commitment to not only celebrate but honour the culture of the contributing artisans.

Advocating a “slow attitude to life where everyone buys less but better.” As such, Mother Tongue’s offering is entirely handmade, emphasising the stunning beauty of imperfections, long-life span products, and minimal impact on our ecology.


ILOH is an independent company based in London and founded by Jemma Sawyer. On offer is a selection of luxury sexual health and wellbeing products designed by women for women. ILOH explores the FemTech sector and curates an innovative range free of guilt.

At the heart of ILOH is empowerment and taking control of sexual wellness, directly addressing the taboo nature of women's health and pleasure by tackling the idea of shame and promoting confidence instead.


Founded by Charlotte Yau, Muihood is skincare essentials packed with Chinese botanicals. Mui translates to Sister in Cantonese coming together to represent a sisterhood of women linked together by community.

Driven forward by a love and appreciation of Chinese herbs to promote balance within the body and enhance skin, crafting products that are “a love letter to those who seek to change their relationships with their skin.”

ASHE London

ASHE London is the UK's first luxury, vegan nail colour subscription box, founded by Ashleigh Alli in 2020. This game-changing concept began when Ashleigh worked as a nail tech. Inspired by her clients, she returned to school to qualify as a lawyer at a top City Law firm.

ASHE London is also a subscription service with a heart, as 10% of all profits go directly to charity. Expect to see "on-trend colours" of seasonal shades curated by the team, working under the mission that "beauty should do more than make us look good."


Founded by Louise Macnab, JERMS offers five ethically sourced superfood powders designed to nurture your good gut bacteria.

Having worked for years as a corporate lawyer, lack of work/life balance led Louise to burnout and chronic stress. She then began her journey of discovery to the importance of gut health in all aspects of wellbeing and then the launch of JERMS. Expect to see organic, sweatshop-free cotton totes and t-shirts, as well as the signature powders on sale this coming weekend.


SHELALA was created in 2015 by Sema Aksoy and Aysim Akter, with the inherent belief that “life’s too short to wear boring accessories.” Designing unique pieces intended to live in your wardrobe forever, drawing inspiration from women, cultures, places and textures from across the world.


Hamalie is an e-commerce destination to discover contemporary and artisanal items by African brands and independent makers. Founded by Theresa Olloh and born out of nostalgia, Hamalie appeals to the discerning global customer.

Offering a stunning curation of homewares, accessories, apparel and beauty. Thriving under the motto that “no matter where you are in the world, you should have access to African-made products.”

Black Crowned Gin

Founded by Temi Shogelola - Black Crowned Gin is a gin label that invites you to discover the botanicals, fruits and spices from across Africa and the diaspora.

Expect an infusion of juniper, coriander, arrowroot, citrus peel. Orris roots, Liquorice and Hibiscus over a classic London dry gin – creating the “ultimate British gin with an African twist.”

LMF Network

Founded by Sonya Barlow Like-Minded Females (LMF) are a not for profit social enterprise founded to build the confidence and careers of women and non-binary folk.

Sonya will be selling copies of her book 'Unprepared to Entrepreneur'. A debut work shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2022, her book is an honest guide for launching a business through sharing real stories from people who have tested, failed and won.

Ba Design Studios

It is with the understanding that flowers act as a universal symbol of love and celebration that Ba Design Studios was born. Founded by Berivan Altun, expect to see stunning bouquets of vibrant dried florals and foliage as well as hand-made ceramic vases.

A one-off art piece to last, each finished product is entirely unique.

Lava Cap by Luxeriva

Founded by Rosemary Madagwa, Lava Cap by Luxeriva is the natural microwavable flaxseed-filled heat cap that promotes healthier, hydrated hair by giving a thermal boost to your at-home deep conditioning treatments.

Suitable for all hair types and genders, this game-changing staple will work well with any of your favourite conditioners, hair oils or treatment masks.


Planet Moss is a wellness company curating a superfood that not only tastes good but does good. Founded by Keeley Bennett, Planet Moss takes sea moss with over 92 trace minerals which is then made into the superfood packed full of organic fruits and herbs.


Daye describes its purpose as aiming to "raise the standards of gynae health by creative, effective products and services that fit conveniently into our lives." Recognising that one-size-fits-all healthcare models don't work, Date goes with your flow, not dictate it.

Founded by Valentina Milanova - Daye 's tampons are certified as a medical device, meaning you get the safest and highest quality period care on the market. The CBD tampon is the world's first clinically validated tampon for soothing cramps.

Aissata Ibrahima

Focused on making dressing up look and feel effortless, Aissata Ibrahima creates modern and timeless pieces with an edge.

Inspired by classical tailoring and research involving gender studies and the complexity of love and relationships, the brand aims to break down traditional boundaries in gendered apparel.

Empwr CBD

Natalie Meredith is the brains behind Empwr, the all-natural, purposeful curation of wellness products to empower and address feelings of distraction and overwhelm.

Centred around premium quality hemp synergised with botanical extracts in various products ranging from drops, sheet masks, and immersive bath salts.

Everyday Phenomenal

Founded by Ayesha Mustafa, EP is a unique women's wear brand. Creating stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing that is based on the philosophy of wellbeing & mindfulness.

EP is made with the best eco-friendly fabrics in the UK by talented seamstresses.


Made to evoke joyful and nostalgic memories of childhood, vacations and time spent with loved ones, Carisips, is a selection of delicious alcohol-free beverages.

The range can be served hot or cold and enjoyed as a mixer, founded by Aisha Jade; these artisanal drinks include zesty tamarind, ginger zing and sorrel spice flavours.

Nail Art by Ashton

Imbued with a life-long love of nails Ashton Forster creates nail-art inspired by your unique personality. With each and every session spent creating a space to explore this artistic expression right in the comfort of your own home.

This weekend Nail Art by Ashton will be taking up residency at The Stack HQ to create unique designs especially for you.

The Mineralist

Founded by Elizabeth Lopes, The Mineralist creates fresh ways of enjoying the benefits of crystal healing through innovative ideas. @earthistrong

Lucie Bradley Medical Herbalist

As an experienced and professionally trained medical herbalist with clinical experience, Lucie Bradley creates therapeutic grade loose organic pre-blended herbal teas and remedies.

With a curated range to choose from expect teas that target your skin, immunity, mood, digestion and much, much more.


Founded by Rebekah Hall, FEWE aims to help people understand the science of themselves, to support their wellbeing.

FEWE is the world's first menstrual cycle care brand, designed to support sleep, comfort, mood, skin and vulva care. Imbued by the motto: "Imagine if you understood your body better, understood your menstrual cycle, your hormones and how these effect you every month, what a powerful position this would put you in."


Lion/ne (lee-oh-nay) was founded by Skin Experts Megan Felton and Ksenia Selivanova. Lion/ne is an unbiased skincare consultancy service that is revolutionising the way we shop for skincare. Offering customers a game-changing and in-depth assessment of your skin alongside advice and impartial recommendations. Aiming to help their clients not only better understand their skin but also reach their skin goals. Consider Lion/ne as your full-package skincare support system and ‘skincare' stylist.

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From jewellery to beauty, wellness to homeware, discover a curated selection of Stack member founded businesses coming to you

By Hannah Connolly

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