What We’re Reading: Five Books By Stack World Members That Will Change The Way You Think

Read these women in 2022 and get to your goals quicker

By Rhea Cartwright

11 January 2022

New Year calls for new shopping habits and with conscious consumerism set to be a key trend for 2022, supporting purpose-led female entrepreneurs is a good place to start.

After a plethora of COVID closures and pandemic-induced pivots, more women than ever have turned their side-hustles into profitable full-time businesses. With this article, we turn to those who used the past two years to publish books, with a breakdown of five books guaranteed to help you achieve your mission.

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Supporting female entrepreneurs never looked so good.

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The Best Books To Read In 2022

Olivia Yallop - Break The Internet

If you’re feeling lost on the current rhetoric on the metaverse or NFTs, Olivia Yallop will ensure you don’t get left behind in this new internet shift. An award-winning strategist, creative and trend analyst specialising in social media, internet culture and the creator economy, Olivia’s debut book “Break The Internet” is an investigative deep-dive into the influencer economy is expected to be worth $15 billion next year. With the perfect mix of insight and wit, the book is a must for anyone interested in the changing landscape of media and marketing.

Elizabeth Ogabi - Side Hustle In Progress

Side Hustle In Progress is an essential guidebook for those embarking on a new business venture. Elizabeth Ogabi’s no-nonsense book is packed with practical advice and accessible tips to help you avoid wasting your time, money and efforts. As a digital brand and communications consultant for over 12 years, Elizabeth is well-versed in helping people grow their business ventures. If you’re sitting on a great idea but are feeling overwhelmed with where to start, consider her book your new BFF.

Emilie Bellet - You’re Not Broke You're Pre-Rich

Being serious about money and finances shouldn’t seem scary but so many women bury their heads in the sand. Thankfully, Emilie is on a mission to financially empower women and her book is a comprehensive guide to gaining confidence and conviction about money. As the founder of leading community, Vestpod, she's helped thousands of women save, earn and invest more than ever before. If you said 2022 would be the year you’d finally take your finances seriously, her book is the best investment you’ll make.

Sonya Barlow - Unprepared to Entrepreneur: A Method to the Madness of Starting Your Own Business

A guide to all the things they don’t teach you at business school. Sonya Barlow walks you through all the chaos it takes to build a business from scratch - from an idea on the bus, to a Google Doc to large scale business plan and team by your side. This book is ‘the ultimate guide to side hustling, freelancing and entrepreneurial freedom of the future’.

Stefanie Sword-Williams - Fuck Being Humble: Why Self-Promotion Isn’t a Dirty Word

Women have been conditioned to think that being humble is vital to our journey to success. It’s frowned upon to discuss our achievements with confidence, and we are often thought of as arrogant when we do. Stef Sword-Williams wants us to shout about our achievements with her book, and says it’s time, in today’s climate more than ever, to Fuck Being Humble.

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Read these women in 2022 and get to your goals quicker

By Rhea Cartwright

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