The Power To Own Your Financial Future

In an era marked by economic challenges and a cost of living crisis harnessing financial empowerment becomes more critical than ever

By Victoria Ayodeji

27 October 2023

t’s no secret that women in the UK are more likely than men to be disproportionately affected by poverty and low pay in the cost of living crisis.

The first panel of the day at The Stack World Women & Power Summit was The Power To Own Our Financial Future. Hosted by Author, Finance Coach and Grazia Money Columnist Bola Sol . As a Mathematics and Finance graduate and content creator Bola found a passion in women coming together to discuss money matters. Her work as a finance coach has enabled her to lead panel discussions about money for media companies such as the Financial Times and The Guardian. She is the author of ‘How to Save It’ published in January 2021 with #Merky Books. Through one conversation at a time, she wants to empower people to take the fear out of finance and harness a healthy money mindset.

On the panel Bola was joined by finance experts Briony Lim, Director within Coutts & Co’s Asset Management team. On a daily basis, Briony is responsible for sourcing, assessing and introducing high growth private company and fund investment opportunities to High Net Worth and Family Office clients and helping founders looking to exit their businesses. She’s passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, in particular mentoring and championing diverse founders, and is an active member of the NatWest Group Gender Network.

Nina Mohanty, the co-founder and CEO of Bloom Money, an app that builds tools for diaspora communities to build generational wealth. She has been a steadfast believer in delivering technology that can better customer’s financial lives and literacy since her days at Klarna, Bud, Starling Bank and Mastercard. She has been recognised four times by Innovate Finance on their Women in FinTech Power List. She is recognised on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list under the Finance category. In her free time she volunteers and advises Talent Beyond Boundaries on their strategy for access to financial services for their refugee candidates.

Lastly, Stacey Presly is a financial advisor at FTSE 100 firm, St. James's Place. She advises both individuals and businesses on how to reach their financial goals in a way that is both tax-efficient and personalised to their unique circumstances. With the average age of a financial advisor in the UK being 57, and only 16% of the industry being female, Stacey takes pride in bringing a fresh approach to financial advising.

During this panel deep dive, our panelists analysed the existing disparities and gender biases within the financial sector, advocating for innovative solutions to bridge these gaps. As the world evolves, so should the financial industry.

The panel delved into critical questions that provided Stack World members with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions. The discussion encompassed a range of topics, including navigating financial challenges, cultivating a healthy money mindset, and understanding the social and cultural aspects of money. Key Takeaways from the Panel:

Having The Right Money Mindset: Bola stressed the significance of adopting the right mindset when taking charge of one's finances. It was emphasised that it's not just about the numbers; your approach and attitude towards money and wealth creation also matter.

Tailored Financial Products: The experts highlighted the importance of having financial products that cater to the unique needs of women and marginalised communities. They discussed the promotion of inclusivity and support when building fintech products, with reference to Nina's business, Bloom Money, which focuses on tools for diaspora communities to build generational wealth.

Financial Transparency: The panel called for women to be at the forefront of the design of financial products, rather than being considered as an afterthought by institutions and businesses.

Financial Education: Briony Lim and Stacey Presly emphasised the power of acquiring essential knowledge and tools related to pensions, taxes, estate planning, wills, and remittances. They discussed how financial products tailored to women can unlock opportunities, empower women, and facilitate greater financial independence.

Challenges and Strategies: The panel addressed the different challenges women face in building and managing wealth and discussed investment strategies that align with and serve women at various life stages.

Preparation and Courage: The experts addressed the financial strategies and steps women should consider when preparing for circumstances that may necessitate time off work to care for loved ones. They encouraged candid money conversations with friends and family.

Personal Reflection: The panelists shared advice they would give to their 25-year-old selves regarding money and finances. They also discussed their approaches to financial management, particularly concerning potential financial support for family members.

Given the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the finance experts explored strategies for long-term financial planning and advised taking a compassionate approach to money conversations. They also discussed managing not just your money expectations but the expectations of those around you. The panel discussion left Stack World members feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped to navigate the complex world of finance with confidence. The insights shared during this session are invaluable, providing a roadmap for women to achieve financial independence and success. If you want to gain the knowledge and empowerment needed to take control of your financial future, make informed financial decisions, and work towards your personal financial goals, watch the session replay on Stack TV.

Photos courtesy of Kiran Gidda.

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In an era marked by economic challenges and a cost of living crisis harnessing financial empowerment becomes more critical than ever.

By Victoria Ayodeji

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