Africa Brooke Wants You To Be Unapologetic

Discovering the power to use your voice

By Victoria Ayodeji

27 October 2023

ontrary to popular belief, courage is not simply a natural-born trait. It's a skill that can be honed through honest self-reflection, clear intention-setting, repeated action, calculated risk-taking, and a willingness to lean into discomfort.

Now more than ever we need more courageous, bold individuals who are willing to blaze the trail for open conversation, brave leadership, and fresh ideas. At the Stack World Women & Power Summit Africa Brooke, the globally recognised Consultant, Mentor, Writer and international speaker, led a transformative workshop on The Power To Use Your Voice.

With seven years of experience supporting individuals in the public eye, Africa Brooke’s expertise lies in assisting individuals in navigating personal and professional challenges related to self-sabotage and self-censorship. Her journey to sobriety in 2016 became the catalyst for her career in personal development, and she has since made a significant impact in this field. With a robust list of accomplishments, including appearances on ITV, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio 4, and BBC Sounds, keynotes at prestigious institutions like Cambridge University, and consulting and coaching the likes of Vogue, Rolls Royce and Universal Music Group. It is clear that Africa's influence is undeniable.

She has also contributed to publications such as The Guardian, featured as a guest on Steven Bartlett's popular The Diary of a CEO Podcast and hosts a self-improvement and philosophy podcast called "Beyond the Self." Her Instagram presence, with over 275,000 followers, reflects her strong engagement rates, across the UK and the US.

Empowerment often begins with raising one's voice, and Africa's workshop shed light on the importance of speaking up, not just for yourself but for women worldwide. In this session she guided Stack members through the profound process of transitioning from self-censorship to mindful expression. Here’s a recap of the insights memebers gained during the workshop:

Effective Communication: The workshop emphasised the three core components of effective communication: awareness, responsibility, and authentic self expression. Africa provided memebers with guidance on owning one's voice by avoiding the censorship of messages and how to maintain your true identity and personality when communicating.

Self-Awareness: Workshop participants learned the significance of self-awareness in communication and the importance of understanding what works and what doesn't in their communication style.

Overcoming Self-Censorship: Africa addressed the reasons people often suppress their voices and explained the value of authenticity when using one's voice.

Managing Ego: She discussed the importance of managing one's ego in the pursuit of bold expression and provided insights into overcoming the key blockers that hinder the use of one's voice.

In an era that calls for more courageous individuals willing to lead open conversations, exhibit brave leadership, and introduce fresh ideas, the ability for women to use their voice has never been more crucial.

Want the opportunity to tap into the wisdom and guidance of a seasoned expert in personal development and self-expression? Watch Africa Brooke's powerful session on replay on Stack TV.

Photos courtesy of Kiran Gidda.

The Short Stack

Discovering the power to use your voice is a skill that takes courage, Africa Brooke taught members how to harness this skill in her interactive workshop at The Stack World Women and Power Summit.

By Victoria Ayodeji

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