Catherine Lenson Knows How To Influence

Discovering the power of persuasion and becoming a master of influence in your professional journey takes skill, Catherine Lenson is here to help you along the way.

By Victoria Ayodeji

30 October 2023

n the fast-paced world of business and leadership, the ability to persuade and influence others can be a game-changer.

At The Stack World Women and Power Summit, Catherine Lenson, CEO of Andante Advisory Limited and Co Chief Operating Officer at LocalGlobe, brought her wealth of experience as a seasoned Investor, Board Director, and Executive Coach to the forefront during her workshop on The Power To Influence.

Socialising your ideas is a key part of unlocking promotion opportunities so how do we get people onboard to achieve our goals? In this interactive workshop Stack World members had the opportunity to delve into the world of persuasive communication and gain insights into its impact on both the personal and professional success of women in the workplace.

As Chief People Officer, Catherine Lenson was the first female Managing Partner appointed at the SoftBank Vision Fund, the world’s largest technology investment firm with $175 billion under management. In an example of intrapreneurship that she explored with members in her workshop, she conceived and built the firm's ESG practice and designed its strategy for Social Impact, and by the time she left SoftBank in 2022, was leading their two early stage venture funds focused on diverse founders, both the $100m+ SB Opportunity Fund (US) and Emerge (EMEA), including as an Investment Committee member.

She is currently the Co Chief Operating Officer at LocalGlobe, London's leading seed stage Venture Capital investor, where she works both within the investment firm and with their technology portfolio companies. As well as the Founder and CEO of Andante Advisory Limited, a boutique consultancy firm which operates as a trusted partner to senior executives and leading organisations on Culture, People and Purpose.

With a dynamic background spanning various roles, Catherine is well-versed in the intricacies of persuasive communication, and she eagerly explored the "how" of getting people on board to help you achieve your goals. The workshop was met with enthusiasm, as Stack World members had the opportunity to enhance their communication and influence skills, both in the workplace and beyond. Here is a glimpse of what the workshop entailed:

Mastering Communication: Members learned best practices for verbal and non-verbal communication to bolster their influence. The workshop featured the active participation of summit attendees with interactive exercises, allowing them to practice the art of active listening and powerful writing.

Attentive Listening: Catherine emphasised the transformative power of attentive listening, providing insights into what it truly means to listen with one's full attention. This skill allows individuals to pick up on key details and specific social cues, enhancing their ability to influence and connect with others.

The Art of Persuasive Writing: The workshop highlighted the importance of being a skilled writer and listener. These two attributes are critical for mastering the art of influence, both within the workplace and in everyday life.

Clear Communication: Catherine underscored the importance of always having a clear call to action in messages and emails. Members learnt how to deliver impactful messages concisely and influence through their words, ensuring their message is delivered with maximum impact.

With the digital age bringing with it ever-increasing avenues for communication, Catherine's workshop was integral in helping members become equipped with strategies for influence, helping to boost their confidence amidst the evolving landscape of communication in the 21st Century. If you missed Catherine’s live workshop you can watch a replay of the session on Stack TV on the Stack World app.

Photos courtesy of Kiran Gidda.

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Discovering the power of persuasion and becoming a master of influence in your professional journey takes skill, Catherine Lenson is here to help you along the way.

By Victoria Ayodeji

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