"Because When I Rise, We Rise"

Mercedes Benson shares her Founders Rules on Creative Entrepreneurship in Partnership with Chivas & Learn

By The Stack World

19 June 2024

ercedes Benson's voyage into entrepreneurship is a testament to the transformative power of following one's passions. In a recent interview with Sharmadean Reid she shared her Founder's Rules learned on her journey to Creative Entrepreneurship as part of her new initiative supporting Chivas & Learn. Chivas & Learn is a platform built to elevate and upskill the bold and ambitious next generation of cultural entrepreneurs through open masterclasses and workshops.


Mercedes Benson is now known as a multi-talented creative entrepreneur who has made a name for herself as a DJ, content creator, founder and industry thought-leader, but she didn't start out on the path to entrepreneurship. During a BioMedical science degree she found herself missing a creative outlet. She started a simple blog, a platform for self-expression that soon evolved into a hub for fashion and creativity acting as the catalyst for exposure into roles at Asos, Puma and Google. She shared her three lasting 'founders rules' on her journey to creative entrepreneurship.

Rule Number 1 - Seize Opportunities and Be Proactive:

Mercedes emphasized the importance of taking bold steps to create opportunities. Recounting her journey, Mercedes shared how her boldness and determination propelled her forward - " I would strongly advise you email everyone you respect, and don’t take it personally when you don’t get an answer!”. She credits this approach in helping her secure her first internships at renowned brands like Adidas and Puma. "I found the phone number to Adidas. called up the reception, and said 'Hey, I wanted to know if you had any internships?' And the woman was like, 'Oh, okay, yes, we will put you forward if anything pops up'.".

Rule Number 2: Stay Authentic and True to Your Passions

Merdeces highlighted the value of following one's unique interests and carving out a personal niche, regardless of societal pressures or traditional career trajectories. " At the end of the day, you're the only one that has those ideas and believes in it the way that you do. So if you don't put it out there, nobody else is going to do that". She credits her non linear approach to career advancement despite her lack of knowledge or awareness, coupled with unwavering self-belief as the differentiating factor which helped her get opportunities. "I think it boils down to confidence and just trusting and believing that whatever it is that you're going to put out into the world is going to hold value. And you are the expert for whatever it is that you're trying to talk about or share."

I think it boils down to confidence and just trusting and believing that whatever it is that you're going to put out into the world is going to hold value.

Rule Number 3: Because When I Rise, We Rise

Mercedes’s journey was not without obstacles, from facing rejections to being fired, however, her resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks was pivotal. She emphases the importance of not being disheartened by failures and instead focusing on their opportunity. For example, her frustration of underrepresentation in the creative industry lead her to create SocialFIXT - a platform to help fix the employment gap for underrepresented talent in the creative industry. 'I always say that, you know, at the end of the day, my purpose in life is to die empty - I want to make sure that everything that I have learned, all my passions, my skills, I have put back out into the world in one way or another." That's why With SocialFIXT in partnership with Chivas Regal, Mercedes is one of the founders supporting Chivas & Learn.

"They were looking to lean into the entrepreneurial side of things and really see how they can pour more impact and value into their consumers and their audience. And that's exactly what SocialFIXT is about. We're all about pouring value and giving people tangible, practical skills and advice on how to navigate their careers and how to navigate this creative industry. The path to success isn’t always conventional, so why should the skills be?

Chivas & Learn helps connect the next generation with the people best placed to teach them the tricks. Having already built businesses from the ground up – and stayed true to themselves at every step of the journey – they’re giving back and breaking down barriers by sharing invaluable tips and guidance. Championing the hustlers who define their own success while lifting others around them, Chivas & Learn is a platform to inspire and upskill the next generation of cultural entrepreneurs. Bringing together creatives, pioneers and visionaries who have each shaped their respective industries, now is your chance to sign up to masterclasses and workshops that uncover the journeys of their success.

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Mercedes Benson shares her Founders Rules on Creative Entrepreneurship

By The Stack World

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