Why You Need To Update Your Stack World App Now

Discover the new features we’ve been working on to help you build your community

By Hannah Connolly

6 April 2022

ave you updated your Stack World App lately? Well, you’re going to want to after you hear about the new features we have created just for you...

Okay, before we talk about the new stuff, let's rewind a little. In case you missed it, The Stack World officially launched Clubs in January of this year.

The App is now home to over 150 groups from leadership coaching to dog walking, exclusive Clubs included in your premium membership or completely free, all designed with the intention of powering the women’s economy through community… your community.

Clubs launched to allow you to earn monthly recurring revenue through an in-app subscription-style model where you can share your niche, expertise and insights with a dedicated community.

“When we launched The Stack World last year, we quickly recognised that our members were buying and selling services to each other,” said founder Sharmadean Reid. Adding: “With community at the heart of The Stack, this feature powers our entrepreneurs to increase and scale their revenue.”

Well, if this appeals to your entrepreneurial spirit, and you haven't yet set up your very own Club we have a whole dedicated FAQ series guiding you from signing up to hosting your first event.

If you haven't caught it already, check them out on The Stack World Instagram.

But you want to know what's new now, right?

The Stack World is constantly developing and testing behind the scenes to give you what you want and need, so we have dropped some new features we think you’re going to love…

Never miss a beat with notifications

Notifications are here! Keep up to date with your community with push notifications letting you know exactly what's going on here in The Stack World Clubs. All the details on what's happening, when it is happening, and as it's happening.

Whether you are a Club host or a Club member, be the first to find out about event updates, meet-ups and chats happening in the post section right now.

Picture that.. image posts are here

That's right, you can now post pictures directly into Clubs. From screenshots, what you’re reading or even a snap of your post-session notes we want to see you, literally. The new update is giving you the option to share your insights or thoughts visually so get posting…

Have more to say? No problem

You can now edit comments and pictures putting you in control of all your posts in the Clubs you love. We want to hear and see your thoughts, so make changes as many times as you like.

Stay tuned, we have way more feature updates coming very soon… and if you haven't already download The Stack World app and become a member today.

The Short Stack

Discover the new features we’ve been working on to help you build your community.

By Hannah Connolly

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