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Today we celebrate the official launch of The Stack World App

By Hannah Connolly

18 August 2021

harmadean Reid, welcomes you (officially) to The Stack World app. The all new power network for mission driven women, with memberships as little as £1 per month.

The Stack World app is today, officially unlocked. Brought to life through our vibrant campaign featuring six of our brilliant members including Ciara Madden, Grace Ladoja MBE, Simran Randhawa, Charlotte Williams, Yomi Adegoke and Clara Sojung Tan. Shot by Danika Magdalena, we celebrate the power of networking within The Stack community.

"It’s a portal to business opportunities, education and meeting with those you’d like to network with – a souped-up and, well, cool LinkedIn that connects like-minded women and puts gender equality at the fore." - British Vogue

What began life as Beautystack - the game changing platform for booking beauty services - has now evolved into a multi-faceted space for curious and driven women, with a goal to help them acheive their higher purpose and forge connections within our community.

Founder Sharmadean Reid, brings her 15 years experience of community building and creating job opportunities for women to the heart of The Stack World. Reid is offering members unique actionable advice, not only from herself but from some of the countries leading women in business, politics, wellness and beyond.

“Most people familiar with my work would consider me synonymous with ‘community’ - but there’s a real difference between ‘community’ and ‘network’, for me. The network is all about tangible, practical tools. It’s the domain we typically think of as male, whilst women are left with emotional support only from their peers. At The Stack, we don’t want to lead women to believe that hustle, that incredibly hard work, is the only route to economic success. Where are the stories for women on smart investments, or timely tax returns? The past decade has shown women how to work for their money - we want to ensure the next decade shows women how to make their money work for them.” said Reid.

"A business ecosystem for women-to-women services, membership to The Stack World is truly a no brainer" - British Vogue

Members get access to hundreds of events both physical and virtual, hosted by some of the most influential names within the Business, Beauty and Wellness spaces.

The Stack is also home to our free editorial content, headed by Editorial Director Laura Weir. Presenting articles covering global political events, inequality, business and culture as well as much more. Written with a decidedly women focused lens that presents news and culture to our readers in a contemporary format that redefines what it means to be a women's publication.

The Stack is another step in Reid’s mission to create a business ecosystem specifically for women-to-women services. Specialising in being a business-led, mainstream women’s platform that prepares young women for global markets, economic contribution and wealth creation.

Essentially, The Stack World is a home for our members. It's hub of ideas, a meeting point, a place to RSVP to a wealth of events, where you can access honest journalism. Why wait any longer to join?

Download The Stack World App for free and discover your new power network for a limited offer of just £1 per month.

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By Hannah Connolly

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