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Do you know your NFTs from your DAOs? Don’t worry if the answer is no, these Stack Clubs are helping you on your way to understanding all things Web3dom

By Hannah Connolly

20 March 2022

ince 2018, NFT transactions have risen from $40.96 million to $338.04 million in 2020, a 20 fold increase in just 2 years. But if you have ever found yourself wondering what is Web3? and more importantly what does it mean for me? You wouldn't be alone.

The Stack World is on hand, with sessions run by founder Sharmadean Reid in the Web3dom Club, Lauren Ingram is the host of the Women of Web3 Club, Livvi Yallop is talking all things crypto to memes in Break the Internet Club and Imani Naki is taking the lead in the NFT's Badass Women Club.

Collectively giving you the keys to unlock your investment potential, discover a new age of the internet, or look for your next job in the metaverse market.

In its simplest form, Web3 refers to a decentralised online ecosystem reliant on blockchain technology. But what does decentralised mean/look like and what are blockchains?

Web3 is seen by many as the next major iteration of the internet. First came the static era, or Web1 which featured read-only sites (think the web pages of the 2000s). Then came Web2, or our current position in the timeline.

Developments in technology in this era allowed users to produce content and interact – hence the birth of the social media giants. Think Meta with Facebook and Instagram and other major monopoly players like Google and Amazon.

This is what is known as a centralised landscape where large organisations own huge portions of the internet space. In this setup, advertisers serve as the customer and user data as the product - put it into perspective this way: Google controls 87% of the global search market.

Decentralising, which is the intention of Web3 provides individuals or groups using platforms to be afforded more autonomy and control. Free of shareholder input which doesn't always align with the needs of the users.

Huge players are making moves into this space. Twitter recently announced the introduction of their own Twitter Crypto Division, hiring Tess Rhinerson. A significant move as illustrated by award-winning analyst and author Livvi Yallop.

“With appointments such as Tess the stereotype of the 'Silicon Valley bro' as the architect of the internet is being challenged,” said Yallop. “Having better representation within those building the internet is key to ensuring it considers all experiences. Lack of diversity was identified as an important factor in incubating issues such as algorithmic discrimination during the last decade.”

Blockchains are digital commodities that facilitate the existence of alternative currencies namely cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It also acts as a system of recording information that is impossible to hack, cheat or change.

Hosted by Sharmadean Reid right here in The Stack World, the Web3dom Club is opening up the conversation to demystify all things metaverse, DeFi, crypto, DAOs, NFTs and more. In this group discover a community of like-minded individuals beginning or progressing in their journey towards a Web3 investments.

Read on to discover more about The Stack World Web3 Clubs...

Web3dom Club


Learn more about web3, DeFi, crypto, DAOs, NFTs, the metaverse and more. Our community is filled with creators, artists and entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge and experience with others.

You will be able to connect with other women, marginalised communities and non binary persons who are just as passionate about this space as you are. We host regular meet-ups where we discuss everything from the basics of blockchain technology all the way up through creating and NFT and tokenomics. There is always something new happening so make sure you check out our calendar for upcoming events near you!"

Hosted by: Sharmadean Reid

Event: "Total Beginners Guide To Buying An NFT"

When: Thursday, 24 March 22 • 18:00 - 20:00 GMT (MONTHLY)

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Women of Web3 Club


Women of Web3 is a community connecting women in the next iteration of the internet.

If you're already trading NFTs and crypto, looking for a job in the metaverse, or just tipping your toes in the web3 waters, Women of Web3 will help break down the jargon, showcase the incredible opportunities in this space and connect you with like minded women."

Hosted by: Lauren Ingram

Event: "Women Of Web3 Launch"

When: Wednesday, 23 March 22 • 09:00 - 11:00 GMT.

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Break The Internet Club


Like a book club, but for the internet!

Each month we’ll come together to discuss the memes, themes and main characters blowing up our newsfeeds: from vTubers and NFT news to influencer drama, TikTok trends and the metaverse. Whether you're a seasoned scroller or extremely offline, come together to discuss the latest news, trends and memes blowing up yo newsfeed."

Hosted by: Livvi Yallop

Event: "Break The Internet"

When: Tue, 22 Mar 22 • 18:30 - 19:30 GMT (MONTHLY)

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NFT’s Badass Women Club


Welcome to the NFT’s Women Club. A Space to discuss, learn, and support each other in the NFT World.

Join our first Virtual event about Women in NFT. Featuring other women project founders we are going to discuss the basics of NFT spaces and what we learn about this world."

Hosted by: Imani Naki

Event: "Women In NFT"

When: Thu, 31 Mar 22 • 19:00 - 21:00 BST

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The Short Stack

Do you know your NFTs from your DAOs? If the answer is no, don’t worry you’re not alone – discover the events getting you up to speed. These Stack Clubs are helping you on your way to understanding all things Web3dom.

By Hannah Connolly

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