Welcome to May

This month we’re taking the long view on finance and putting money under the microscope

By Sharmadean Reid

30 April 2021


We have so much happening at The Stack World that I'm excited to tell you about.

First things first: the theme of the month. As we ease out of lockdown, May is all about MONEY.

Just this morning, after annoucing that their profits for the first quarter of 2021 had more than doubled compared to twelve months earlier, Barclays CEO Jes Stanley predicted that the UK is about to experience the biggest economic boom since WW2 – and we're here to get you in on the action.

Continuing our long-term mission of helping women step into their social and economic power, we’ll be posting in-depth editorial and hosting conversations that support you in your journey to sustained wealth.

From how to make money and be an effective operator in today’s economic climate. To unpacking the state of the economy for women and examining how global finances have been impacted by the pandemic.

This includes a not-to-be-missed investigation into the shocking fall in venture capital funding for female-led companies by the award-winning business journalist Anna Codrea-Rado; an indepth look at whether taking on debt could actually help your business and interviews with the female founders revolutionising the fintech industry.

Insightful Events for Members

Along with our usual programming of New Methods For Women, Executive Realness, Self Mastery Book Clubs and She Stands: Meet Your MPs, we have some incredible events lined up for you on the theme of money.

Perhaps most importantly we are covering the topic of economic abuse. A form of coercive control whereby an abuser restricts a person's access to money (or other resources like food), or sabotages their finances as a way to limit their freedom, 1 in 5 adults in the UK has experienced economic abuse in their lifetime. As the new Domestic Abuse Bill is ushered through parliament we take a moment to ask whether these destructive types of coercion are being properly represented.

We also have influencer Lou Teasdale who will be talking property with her twin sister, Sam Teasdale, the Co-Founder of Bleach London. The renovation of Lou's latest home has been fully drool-worthy, but I want the juicy details of what it takes to invest in property and how they got their first mortgage. Join us to hear how the duo have been low-key flipping houses for 15 years.

Hot on the timeline right now is cryptocurrency, so we have our in-house coin addict, Rhea Cartwright, in conversation about her investing journey, NFTs and advice to figure out if crypto is right for you.

Finally, we're celebrating the return of IRL events with some fun informal cocktails at an bar in central London – and we would love to see you there (non-members welcome too).

Basically, everything you need for a smart financial future is right here – bring on Money May.

The Short Stack

The UK is predicted to experience the biggest economic boom since 1948. We want to help you be part of it.

By Sharmadean Reid

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